September 20, 2018

Quality repairs and a name you can trust, since 1972

Why would you not want to take care of the second largest purchase we make other than our homes? Most of us bought what we drive because we thought they were cool, or to serve a specific purpose. The cars and trucks we drive should last at least 10 years, IF we take care of them. I am driving a 2001 GMC Sonoma with 97,000 miles on it! I like my truck, and expect it to serve me well for many years.

I am a bug about mileaged services! Look in your owner’s manual and follow what it recommends. This does not always mean that you will not have some component fail, but the inconvenience of failure should be minimized.

What kind of gasoline should I put in my car?

You should fuel your car with the least expensive fuel it requires according to your owner’s manual. For most cars, premium fuel is not necessary, nor should it be considered a treat, like ice cream is for most of us.

How often should I change my oil?

On older, high-mileage cars we recommend a 3,000-mile service. If you drive a late-model car, we recommend a 5,000 mile service. The key here is to not go too far over, as the tires on your car need to be rotated at 5,000 mile intervals, so they wear properly.

Do you provide rides if I need to leave my car there?

Yes! As long as your drop off point is in the immediate area. We can also pick you up when the repairs are complete.

If my car is under warranty, do I have to take it to the dealer for basic services?

No. You do not have to go back to the new car dealer for anything except recalls or warranty work. If you have your car serviced at MAYPORT CAR CARE CENTER, your receipt will be a dated and mileaged invoice. This is all you need to keep your new car under the factory warranty.

Do you sell USED tires?

No. We do not sell used tires, nor do we recommend them. There is not a good way to be sure they are safe, OR what direction they were rotating. Some tires have a directional tread, and if not rotated properly they will not wear correctly.

How do I know when I need new tires?

In most owner’s manuals, there will be an explanation of how to use a penny for a tread depth gauge. There is also wear bars, or wear indicators on all tires. Tires should be replaced when they get to the wear bars, if they have worn evenly. Tires with bald patches or missing tread should be replaced as soon as possible.

Do you fill tires with nitrogen?

No we do not. I do believe that it is something that has value, but tires need to be filled with 99.9% pure nitrogen to get the benefit. If you have a low tire and you fill even five pounds of air into it you have negated any affect the nitrogen would have provided. Because most self-serve tires stations only offer air pumps, it is not something that is easy to keep up with yourself. So for the time being, it is not a viable option.

Do you accept and recommend extended warranties?

Yes we do accept extended warranties, and yes we can also see the benefit of purchasing them, as long as you read the fine print before you purchase the warranty. SOME extended warranties are very complete in what they cover, some are not. Some extended warranties are not worth the paper they are written on. If you are thinking about purchasing one, ask for a copy and bring it to us to read – we will be glad to help you decide.

Do you have an after-hours drop off?

Yes, we have a key drop located in the right door of our shop. Look for the green and white “drop box” sign on the door. Please include a note with your contact information and what type of trouble you are having with your car.

Do you work on classic cars?

Yes. When working with classics we mostly focus on American made cars from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. This work is by appointment only. You will need to speak to Chip directly.

Can you reflash the factory computer in my car?

We currently have reflash capability for GM cars only.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

We take customers on a first-come, first-served basis, unless you need custom car assistance. Then you will need to schedule an appointment with Chip.

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